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  1. Hey Cecilia, So I uninstalled the Web Companion (obviously now I no longer have the error message when my system restarts. My Ad-Aware control panel still shows that my Web Protection is on which I guess is good however I am not able to re-install the Web Companion? I went now to the main web site and attempted to download it again but keep getting the following error message; "Sorry! You can't download this file! Some error has occurred in main process!" I assume that I since my system says I a have Web Protection switched on that I don't actually need the Web Companion? Cheers FRacTuR3
  2. Hey Cecilia, Thank you for your response. I will try and uninstall and re-install Web Companion as I still get the error each time I start windows. To answer your questions; A - Microsoft Security Essentials B - Windows Firewall C - Windows 7 Ultimate I will try your suggestion and revert. Cheers
  3. Hey folks at Lavasoft, So after reading a number of reviews and being a victim of Malware and online fraud attacks I took the plunge and decided to purchase a 2 year Personal Security License from you guys. I hope that this is the start of a safe computing experience for me - I however am already a little bit concerned with the service in that on my initial installation the product requires a download of +-128mb of data. That in itself is not a problem but rather that it has been a good ten minutes or more and it has only reached 10mb now? This is, in my opinion, excessively slow and since I am not using an analogue dial up modem I am quiet surprised. Is this the normal service I can expect i.e. are your servers always this slow to provide much needed updates? Is there a way to download the definitions via an HTML link and run and installer rather than wait for the built in application? Anyway as stated I hope that this get better. Update - after a reboot which, I was hoping would speed up the update, I am now getting crash reports showing that the Web Companion is failing? I have selected to send the report after which stage the message appears again. Unfortunately I did not take a screen image of the error but it looks pretty generic anyway i.e. it just says something has crashed and to send or ignore the error. I was however correct about speeding it up as while typing this update the download has completed. Cheers FRacTuR3