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  1. Hello, Please add a "restore and whitelist" or "restore and exclude" one-click button in the quarantined file list view. Ad-Aware tends to do more false positive than other comparable products in my experience, and this function is sorely missed. I can't think of any other a/v product that doesn't have it. Having to hand-type the full file path in the exclusion list, then restore it from the quarantine is way too cumbersome. Related suggestions : - make the file path (at least name) immediately visible in the detection history, having to click on one entry to get any usable information isn't practical - group detection history and quarantine list in a separate, easily accessible page. As of now they're way too hidden in a non-obvious place - make quarantine the default action (right now it's delete), again every other product I've tried does it this way and it seems to me like the most conservative approach Another one : add an "about product" button. As of now I can't find any way to show the product's exact version.
  2. Hello there, I've been using Lavasoft for a couple of weeks and it seems like a serious competitor on the free a/v market, being seemingly more lightweight, modular and efficient than others. I might even consider purchasing the paid-for version if it really fits my needs. Anyway, for the time being here's my trouble with the free version: it seems to me that this product tends to cause a few more false positives than others I've used, e.g. on some tools used to work on Android tablet firmware files which I know for sure are clean. Not a big deal but for the sake of me I can't find a way to restore and whitelist (or exclude) a file from the quarantine list (or any other place/menu for that matter). There *must* be a simpler way than: - hand-typing the complete path in the exclusion list - restore the file from the quarantine list view or isn't there? (or am I too dense to find it in the menus?) If it's a limitation of the free version, it's a rather serious one compared to other products IMO. Thanks in advance for any hint.