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  1. These were attached before I posted them???? RKreport_SCN_12092014_205825.log FRST.txt
  2. I turned my laptop off soon after I sent to 2 FRST files to you. I am performing a quick scan as you didn't say what type of scan you wanted? Finally finished ESET scan took 12 hours... ESET Scan Log.txt Ad-Aware_Report_Quick_Manual_2014-12-10T20-18-07.401189.txt
  3. No, to Q1 I had already uninstalled Firefox and I am using IE (no infection) because it was so frustrating. I reinstalled Firefox tonight to see if "FOX-IT-S" was in the add-on but it wasn't. But infection still exists Completed Q2. Completed Q3 Fixlog.txt
  4. I only just purchase Pro Security 3 days ago so when I ran a full scan nothing was removed but a Yoda voice .exe file for my Garmin GPS. The issues I am having with these parasites hasn't gone away and I am extremely unhappy. The offending adware has attached itself to Mozilla Firefox which is my default browser and won't let go. I have run FRST and have attached the 2 files that are produced ie FRST.txt and Addition.txt for those in the know to view. Can anyone help as I am extremely frustrated.... :~-( Addition.txt FRST.txt