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  1. after the removal of those files i got black screen even on the main user of the pc so i reinstalled windows. Everything is fixed now
  2. Here are the files you asked; but why everything works fine when i log in my "main account" and i got the black screen when trying to log into a secondary account? FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. With those viruses i had lots of proquota.exe instances in the processes and strange icons in the windows's mixer audio; with iexplorer.exe i had a huge amount of ram occupied by it. I removed the iexplore.exe key in the registry and scanned with the antivirus and to remove proquota.exe i located the executable with ccleaner tab that lists the boot up processes, then i booted into safe mode to remove the file itself
  4. Hello, everytime i try to create a new user on my pc i get a black screen with only a cursor (can still open task manager) and looking at the processes i find that explorer.exe is not in execution but if try to create it, it crashes a little time after the start. i had to deal with proquota.exe and iexplore.exe infections right before this problem happened, might it be a problem with a leftover of the viruses? thank you for the help
  5. Thank you very much!! Everything is fine now!!
  6. Everything is gone so i think i just have to uninstall both softwares
  7. and here it is, i'm not attaching any log by eset's scan because it found no problems FRST.txt AdwCleanerR10.txt
  8. and there they are, both the log from FRST and adwcleaner Fixlog.txt AdwCleanerR0.txt
  9. Sorry for have not checked that, here are the two files created by the scan. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  10. Hello everyone i have serious problems with ads randomly generated by cloudscout in lots of the web pages i visit. In particular i have 3 or 4 ads in my homepage with a red/orange background and when i try to open up new web pages i constantly get many redirects for many things (update flash player, install a windows registry cleaner, and general pop-ups of 2-3 new webpages). but the most weird thing is that i find these ads even in a game client. Thanks a lot for the help and i hope someone can help me fix this problem.