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  1. Hello, We discovered another possibly suspicious URL:, which we also consider to be a false positive. is generated as iframe and dynamically inserted on a webpage by script, which we already sent to you for analysis. Within this iframe we have another iframe, [^] and our partner resource is loaded inside the second iframe ‘f2.tyx’. In this moment you can find such behavior only on[^] website (hardcoded only for this website) <iframe> <iframe> Here goes partner resources </iframe> </iframe> Currently we cooperate only with, but we are also going to cooperate with others like bluekai, visualdna, etc. Partners just collect audience statistics in order to conduct more precise advertisement campaigns. Here is code provided by aidata that is inserted inside the second iframe. <img height="1px" width="1px" alt="" src=""[^] style="display: none !important;"> Feel free to contact me, if you require any further information Best Regards, Alekander, Solid Media LLC