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  1. On Nov24 2020 Adaware installed a new version about 11am EST An hour later AVG again labeled it virus infested with the same virus as before. Adaware is gain unavailable.
  2. The AVG version on my computer did not change but the virus file definitions version changed to 201116-2 Perhaps this fixed my problem.
  3. On Nov 15 2011 this problem self corrected. Adaware automatically initiated a quick scan that AVG objected to when Adaware tried to remove or change something in my Dropbox. When I said allow the scan finished without finding anything. and Adaware seems to be fully functional again. I have not noticed any new version of Adaware I have version Perhaps AVG changed. I have not received ay notification of any change.
  4. I received this message after Avg labeled Ad-aware as containing a virus as reported in the post below. When I tried to update Ad-Aware Avg captured the Ad Aware Installer program. I have sent this to Avg as a false positive but have not seen a reply.
  5. I uninstalled the program, restarted my computer, then I installed the program again. It worked and am now 20 minutes into my first scan with no threats found so far
  6. I installed a compatible version of Adaware Free 12.5.961.11619 but on installation it says Service Unavailable with a square fading in and out by quarters below it. Only the help buton works What do I do Should I try to remove and reinstall I used to have adaware but uninstalled it for a reason I don't remember I also run AVG and am having problem with a virus