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  1. Indeed, no detection any more. Have you updated your signatures?
  2. Yes, having our product whitelisted will be a great boon. Thanks. Well, the real problem is that many users just don't care about little differences in virus classifications. Just anything thrown at them by their antivirus software is taken for granted. If they see a warning message, they think "It's a virus" (that's how human brain works, it simplifies things). That's why we ask, is it possible to distinguish between a signed file and an unsigned one? After all, we assume that antivirus companies nowadays are capable of doing that.
  3. Thanks! We are the manufacturer of the product, by the way. Do you have any whitelisting program/initiative for software vendors?
  4. Hello Some Remote Utilities files are detected as: Trojan.Generic.12415423 The files are enclosed. Remote Utilities is legitimate remote desktop software available here Please, take appropriate measure to remove the detection. There is no log because we didn't install your software. The data is taken from today's run/report. There are two files being detected: 1. 2. The attached one. Thanks. Conrad