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  1. Hi CecilaB, Well, I don't care anylonger how Lavasoft wants to handle things towards their customers apparently having small screens and no colour displays or whatever excuse Lavasoft may have to re-write an already good working software into version 11 (which is a disaster according to me). I as a paying customer since 2007 using earlier versions of Ad-Aware Pro before version 11 being very happy with those versions, have now uninstalled the software version 11 altogether on my PC and also uninstalled version 10.5 on my parents PC's aswell since they no longer get updates for version 10.5 either. If I on last Christmas Eve would have known that Lavasoft would no longer support updates to version 10.5 in mid-January, I wouldn't have paid and extended the licenses for 3 PC's for another year, but unfortunately for me I did. However, since I refuse to install version 11 on their PC's since I myself is not happy with it I have now instead bought licences for our 3 PC's from Kaspersky instead. So Lavasoft have now effectively lost 3 paying customers due to Lavasoft Ad-Aware version 11!
  2. Hi Ann, In your reply above to MementoMori you say: "You can stay using Ad-Aware 10.5, if you like it more. Unfortunately, it is impossible to create anything to be liked by everyone. You call it ugly, others like it." This is no longer true. I have been using AdAware Pro version until just a week after Friday January 16th, 2015 at 19:28:53 o'clock when I recevied my last threat definition version 36710 update. After that I noticed that I no longer got any more automatic updates. I contacted LavaSoft Support asking about this and just got the reply to uninstall my version and install version 11 instead. This although I initially said that I wanted to continue to use version 10.5 since I strongly dislike the GUI in version 11 and the GUI in version 10.5 looks much more clean and professional than in version 11. I was recommended to download a 3rd party software called Revo Uninstaller (not a Lavasoft product) and use the Force Uninstall feature to delete all traces of Ad-Aware from my computer left by previous installations in order to proceed to new “clean” installation of the program (version 11). Is it just me thinking that it is rather unprofessional of Lavasoft Support to recommend me to download a 3rd party software and use it during the free trial period in order to remove previous AdAware version, instead of that Adaware during installation itself remove older versions first before installing a later version? It wouldn't hurt either to have a feature during installation to have a repair option of already installed version in case something might be wrong with it (corrupt or missing files for example). However, I didn't got an explanation why the automatic updates suddenly stopped until I directly asked Lavasoft Support if they still supported version 10.5 with updates. I then finally got a straight answer: "We advise you to install Ad-Aware 11.5 as it is the latest version and there are no updates for Ad-Aware 10." Is it just me thinking that wouldn't it be clever of Lavasoft to mail their registered and paying customers about this beforehand stopping automatic updates? I do get a lot of other mails from Lavasoft about News and stuff but nothing saying that they will stop support version 10.5 with updates. Finally I must say that I fully agree with MementoMori's comment about how the version 11 GUI looks like compared to version 10.5. Version 11 is NOT looking more professional than 10.5 period! 10.5 had a very nice and real quality look to it that version 11 cannot even get close to and I stongly doubt that users that have seen version 10.5 GUI thinks that version 11 looks better. I bet the developers at Lavasoft likes it, but it is we paying customers that are going to use it! In a future version update of AdAware, please reconsider removing scroll bars in teh GUI and use a larger windows instead. Use colours (like in version 10.5), since we users do have colour displays that manage to show a lot of colours on the screen at the same time. Another drawback in AdAware Pro Security version 11 (that I now am "forced" to use since I have extended my license at the end of last year 2014), is that it takes a longer time to load than version 10.5 did for some strange reason, please fix that in an updated version.