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  1. I keep saying its not Ad-aware blocking...when googled..its starts going to PRC site then stops dead, so they seem to have put trojan.genericKD.2078on my computer. They seem to be blocking me !!! So keep asking what this particular Trojan does ????
  2. No, when I google the PRC Embassey it does not get results, is blocked somehow.....yet when I do same google next door not on my ISP, google works for PRC Do you know what trojan.genericKD.2078 Does ?????
  3. This is gettining weird, on a rescan its not showing, yet 3 scans over 3 days showed it there. ; The other factor is that it all stated when doing research on P.R.C. the country. And now when I Google for London Embassey P.R.C. and hit the page it get stopped . : yet when I try on other peoples p.c. / laptops search works When I try to yahoo email to them ....nothing : So it appears rather pointed at...............
  4. I was hit by this trojan, it showed up in Ad-aware scan, but trying to delete it, or quarantine, the scan failed. I then tried:rufus 1.4.12 & Adaware specilal ISO9660 onto USB But it would not scan as Msdos showed up and I tried to select number as required but nothing. Any ideas please, Bill