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  1. I'm sorry to have to check in again so soon, but the definitions appear to stuck at those from 2 days ago (version 11491229). Is there a more current version of the definitions? If so, the software isn't updating, either automatically or when manually prompted. Thanks. EC
  2. Success! (5 days later ...) Hope it sticks!!
  3. Thanks for your follow-up, Cecilia, and for confirming the issue. I'm looking forward to getting timely updates soon! EC
  4. Thanks Shikata and Cecilia. Hopefully, the problem will be fixed soon. When this happened in the past, we've often been told to uninstall and then re-install AdAware, which has always been a fruitless and frustrating task as it never fixed things. That said, I appreciate that you didn't make that suggestion, Cecilia! :-) EC
  5. Hi, Once again, the definitions are failing to update automatically and even when I "manually" try to update. (I have AdAware Pro) It has now been more than 3 days since the last update and will be 4 days at the end of today (Saturday September 15 2018). The definitions version is 11534337. The last time this happened, a few months ago, it turned out to be a systemic issue, not just with my software, so I'd be interested in hearing if anyone else is having the same problem. Thanks. EC
  6. What steps has/is Lavasoft/AdAware taking to protect against the newly revealed "chip" problems, Sceptre and Meltdown? I may have missed it, but I don't see this addressed on the forum, and I haven't received any messages directly from AdAware. Google has a spreadsheet with a list of AV companies' fixes for this problem. I don't know that the list is complete, but I don't see Lavasoft/AdAware on it (yet.) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/184wcDt9I9TUNFFbsAVLpzAtckQxYiuirADzf3cL42FQ/htmlview?usp=sharing&sle=true Please update us on your status. Thanks!
  7. Thanks Rose-Dew. I couldn't agree more! We used to be able to download definitions directly, and I'm not sure why that option was taken away :-( I hope Lavasoft/AdAware brings it back soon.
  8. Thanks Rose-Dew. I followed Cecilia's suggestion and posted the request to allow for manual download of definitions files under the 'suggestions and ideas' thread. Anyone who likes the idea should consider adding their voice to the thread :-)
  9. Please bring back the option for users to directly download definitions manually to update our AdAware security software. Users used to have this option ... I even found the old link, which no longer works and has been taken down (http://download.lavasoft.com/public/defs.zip). This was a free, public site/database for all. After the recent 8-day failure for definitions to update due to server problems (in addition to other times this has happened) and issues with tech staff apparently not available over holidays, it's time to re-instate this public definitions link!! Thanks.
  10. Wow, after a mere 8 days, the definitions for my paid AdAware software updated! I appreciate Cecilia's efforts and replies, but in the end, the internal system needs to change. There is no way that 3, 5, 8, or potentially even more days should go by without being able to update our software. It's time to BRING BACK THE FREE ADAWARE DEFINITIONS FILE DATABASE so we all can update definitions directly/manually when needed or as preferred. Thank you.
  11. Happy new year everyone! AdAware is *still* not updating, and I see several more people have posted that they are having the same problem. (As noted earlier, there may have been a delay in these reports because of the holiday.) No response to my emails to general support. I went back to see how I tried to fix this problem before. I tried repairing first, that didn't work. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled, cleared my cache, and rebooted twice. Not a fix. I'm now getting messages that my computer is at risk because of how outdated the definitions are. So, it does seem that, a week-plus out, the problem is on AdAware's side. Cecilia, please keep letting the tech people know that this is an *urgent* problem affecting a growing number of users. **Solution in the short term: I think it's time to upload the current definitions file and let us update that way. This was done before, so it's not anything new. It was a shame when you dropped the option to manually download the daily definitions files and update that way. Bad move. Thank you.
  12. Thanks for your reply. As it is the holidays, maybe not as many people as usual are paying attention to whether they're getting updates, but I'm seeing more posts about problems with the system not updating. (In other threads, too.) As I mentioned, I did email tech and general support days ago, and then re-sent the emails when I didn't hear back from either (not even an autoreply). Nothing in my spam/junk/trash folders. I don't do Facebook, so that's not an option. I'm sorry you're on the receiving end of the posts on the forums. I know you're doing what you can. I am trying to be patient, but ... there definitely is something going on, and it doesn't seem to be a priority for the tech folks, from where I sit. *sigh*
  13. Hi Cecilia, I appreciate your reply, but your not being able to get in touch with tech support (or whoever is working on this) is unacceptable. If that is the case, Lavasoft's policy needs to change big time, and immediately. Many of us, including myself, work straight through the holidays (and rely on our security to be up-to-date). Lots of places shift people in such cases. Security should be a TOP priority, 24/7, and I'm hearing that is isn't for your company. So, it sounds like at least 3 more days without adequate protection? That'll push this problem and deficiency into week 2. Wow. EC p.s. And I never did get a reply to my direct email from days ago, not even an autoreply.
  14. This is getting ridiculous ... it's going on 6 days with no definition updates or resolution. How about uploading the most current definitions file to this thread for users to access so we can update our systems? Sounds like a GREAT idea to me. I know this was done previously when Lavasoft/Adaware had a similar ongoing problem.
  15. Hi Cecilia, Thanks for your reply. It has now stretched into 4 days. Fingers crossed that the problem is fixed soon!