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  1. Here's another example: this is a very popular chess program (winboard) that adaware 12 stops, which adaware never previously stopped, even with real-time detection turned on.
  2. Here is a screenshot for one of the several executables that adaware stops when run, even tho clearly the real-time protection is off. The notification that fades in on the lower right corner is an adaware notification--not a Microsoft antivirus notification. Attached too is an online virus detection test .pdf showing adaware and almost all other programs do not even heuristically detect anything, and none show an actual known virus. The program running is an executable I wrote over a year ago and is not a virus and is not infected by any external virus, but is unusual somewhat in its file handling methods, so maybe that explains why a heuristic real-time analyzer might flag it. But no previous adaware version or update behaved like this when real-time protection was turned off. Also I tried excluding the folder where it was located from being scanned but adaware still stopped it. I have a laptop with Win 7 home premium. Thanks, Clem VirusTotalScan.pdf
  3. Since updating to adaware 12, real-time protection stops some of my programs that I know are virus-free, even tho I have real-time protection turned off. I have to stop adaware entirely to allow the programs to run. A little box in the lower right corner slides up and says something like "potential malicious program stopped" and the program I was trying to run is stopped, regardless of whether real-time protection is on or off. Any thoughts? Thx. Clem
  4. I noticed furthermore, I don't need to exclude the whole folder, just the .exe file itself. Works great so far, just the one file excluded.
  5. Thanks for the reply Cecilia. I figured out a workaround that seems to be working: I excluded the directory from being scanned where the "offending" .exe is located. I re-enabled heuristic real time protection and accessed the file and Ad-aware did not quarantine it. I think all is well again. btw, I know it's not a virus because I wrote it myself, and it runs fine just as it's supposed to. It's not in your definitions (since I wrote it only 3 days ago and it exists only on my own computer) but the heuristics logic doesn't "like" something about it.
  6. I have a program that keeps getting flagged as a virus, but it is not a virus. I restore it, and it just gets re-quarantined or deleted via real-time protection. How can I mark it as a safe file?