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  1. Thanks , Happy new year to everybody !!
  2. Just checkin in and thanks for that information, yes indeed there are many problems with Ad-aware since my Avast is version 7. However I have uninstalled it since it was full of bugs and didn't work correctly. If you/or anybody on this board could send me the download link for the older version 9 , that would be very helpful !! Thanks again for your info, that explains everything !!
  3. thanks again for your valuable time, merry x-mas ..
  4. ok, thanks I guess it's ok if i download the Ad-Aware AV as well ??
  5. Thanks so much ..I just still can't understand when getting the new software it will ask you to download the AV software from Ad-Aware ..I do not want the AV ..just the scanner ...sorry for bothering you ...
  6. I have avast .. I thought they fixed the bugs with this new version ??
  7. I am currently in the process of downloading the new version, but it still will ask me to install Adware AV which would interfere with my existing AV. I read the instruction about the on demand option, but it doesn't seem to work for me , what are possible solutions here (uninstall the old version ??) . Thanks for this great software !! warm regards from the eastcoast USA Gio
  8. thanks so much for your qwik reply , have a great day.
  9. Ok, thanks..I will give a try or wait for 11 ..thanks again..
  10. I posted back in June and knew that there was a conflict with other AV's ...however is that problem fixed now or is it safer to stay with the old version ?? any tests were done ??
  11. ok ok..sorry about that ...I know with this kind of business you barely have a normal life ...sorry again ..
  12. so what is the solution ?? keep AA 9 ??
  13. Good morning, I currently still use ad-aware 9 , I am trying to find out if it is possible to download ad-aware 10 without the AV ?? Because I already have an AV on my network it will interfere with the ad-aware , so is it possible to get ad-aware 10 without AV ??
  14. Fantastic ...back on with day I will move to Sweden !!