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  1. I notice because when AdAware 12 is installed and I try to initiate a websocket connection, it fails. But when I uninstall AdAware 12, it connects successfully. Re-installing AdAware 12 again causes all websocket connections to fail. Control Panel's list of installed programs just says "AdAware 12." It does not distinguish between the Web Companion and the rest of the program. This was an issue back with AdAware 11 as well. The free version of AdAware comes with Web Protection enabled by default even though there is no way to turn it off as the settings are disabled without paying. A long time ago I asked about the same problem here but for AdAware 11 and I was given a solution, which was to disable a certain system32 file. I do not know if there is an equivalent solution for AdAware 12, but it shares the same problem as AdAware 11 which is that without some sort of manual file deactivation (or uninstalling AdAware altogether) websockets are blocked by default by the program.
  2. Hi, I have the free version of AdAware 12. It's blocking all websocket connections, and I can't change the "web protection" settings without upgrading to the full version. How do I disable websocket blocking in AdAware 12?
  3. Just wanted to say your fix worked, websockets are going through now with Ad-Aware turned on. Thanks for your help.
  4. Can you send the suggestion in a PM to me too, or else put it here in this thread? I'm having the exact same problem. Free version of Ad-Aware blocks websocket connections and no settings tweaks solve it, only way around it is to entirely disable Ad-Aware. Worst part is the blocking is completely silent so I spent hours trying to figure out exactly what was causing it. (Just to be clear the websockets I'm dealing with have nothing to do with ipython notebooks, but they're still getting blocked anyway, I think Ad-Aware is just blocking all websockets.)