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  1. I haven't gotten one in a little while now, and nothing infesting my google searches, so I think so.
  2. Deleted Chrome, ran eset, then ran FRST and got a new Addition.txt eset.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  3. Been having issues with malware, primarily adware. I installed Ad-Aware which got rid of all of it, at least I thought. Now I get pop-ups for "Ads by FreezeThePrice" in all browsers, as well as additional links in google by the same adware. Ad-aware is not finding anything, I've also used adwcleaner and it removed some other files that were being difficult, but this FreezeThePrice is still here. Files from FRST is attached. On a side note, I've seen it suggested to remove Java, but I use it for developmental purposes. FRST.txt Addition.txt