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  1. Somehow, when updating another program, Web Companion got installed on my PC. My husband is sure he opted out of every add-on offer he could during the installation process, and yet here it is. It rendered Firefox just about unusable. In Firefox settings, I couldn't access the "Search" settings tab (I clicked it and it did nothing). It kept redirecting to Bing everytime I opened a tab, I couldn't search from any search or address bar, right-clicking brought up this menu that was so monstrously long it couldn't fit on the screen, and my computer slowed to a crawl every time I tried to do anything online. I tried to uninstall it using the Control Panel. Everything seemed okay, but it still runs in the system tray. I went back into the Control Panel, and it's not in the list of installed programs. I set it so that it won't run at start-up, but just the fact that such a pernicious piece of sneak-ware is lurking in my computer is not comforting, and I want it OUT, completely. I wasn't able to find much help online (using another computer, since this one was practically unusable). I did a system restore, but my earliest restore point still had WC on my computer. All I found was that I had to manually delete every shred of the program by going into the registry and searching over and over again for "lavasoft" and deleting the entries. I got about 1/3 of the way through the registry and had had about enough of that. I restarted and things seem to be back to normal, and yet, it still shows up in the system tray. What gives, Lavasoft? Any advice on how to get this completely out of our computers?