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  1. wyatt

    Activation Failed

    Thanks, just collected the log files again. hope it will be ok this time. Ad-Aware 11.zip MSI2ef10.zip system-information-file.zip
  2. wyatt

    Activation Failed

    the path to the Activation.dat file is correct, and I have one key used that is what you gave me.
  3. wyatt

    Activation Failed

    Thanks CeciliaB, I followed your instruction exactly, after rebooting, it still shows not activated. I tried the key you provided earlier, still can not activate. anything else I can do pls?
  4. wyatt

    Activation Failed

    I just downloaded the newest version, tried registration, but failed. got help from CeciliaB and get the activation key, still no success. got an 'Activation Failed'. I have collected all requested files and attached. hope someone can help me fixing the issue. Thanks MSI2ef10.zip Ad-Aware 11.zip system-information-file.zip
  5. wyatt

    Registration Failed

    i have the same thing. tried many times. can i have a registration key?