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  1. Hi Marauder2003,


    I'm sorry for your frustration regarding losing the contents of your tabs.


    With regards to K-Lite Codec Pack, I've looked at their consent screens and they typically have a clear offer for users to download Web Companion with a "Decline" option located on the same screen. Sorry if you missed the option to decline the offer, but the software is not forced on users without their consent.

    In terms of restoring your previous Firefox tabs, please consult these options offered by the Mozilla Firefox team

  2. Hi,


    We're continually trying to improve our line of Lavasoft products. Here is a new version of Web Companion's User Interface which we are starting to roll out.


    If you have any comments or concerns about the new interface please let us know in the comments below.


    If you experience any issues and are unable to submit them through the user interface, please go to


    WC New UI.jpg