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  1. I repeatedly get a pop up message saying in Norwegian: Får ikke tilgang til den angitte enheten, banen eller filen. Kanskje har du ikke tilgangsrettighet til objektet. Translated: Cannot get access to the specified unit, path or file. Perhaps you have not access rights to the object. The path given is C:\Users\Bjarne\Appdata\Local\Temp\smw_update_both.exe. This exe-file is identified as a spam from Goobzo. I cannot find a way to remove the pop up message that seems to be a result of my AdAware Security Pro successfully blocks the installation of the file smw_update_both.exe. This file is reported as an adaware that seems to be created by Goobzo. How can I get rid of this irritating garbage? I attach the irritating and stubborn popup message and the requested text files from the use of FRST.FRST.txtAddition.txt