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  1. hello and thanks for the answer ! But thats NOT THE DEFINITION of a free trial, , hahahaha!! and the same misleading ad APPLIES FOR ALL free products !!! hahaah thank you , is just shame its being advertised as supposed free trial .. u DO HAVE TO PAY TO USE IT ????????? thats now how it works with free trials and we all know that ? Kind regards , and lots of laugther !
  2. hello , i have downloaded a couple of free trial products (including registry tuner and pc optimizer and free trial of driver update products ) and after running the scan service with no problem at all, it gets to the point where it asks me to register the product and sends me automatically to the wesbite page , where i have to provide all my debit card details!! can you please inform me why is that thing happening , as at not place in the registration page it says anything about a free trial.... it just requests me to register the product, by proceeding with a payment?!!! Isnt that a free trial? i will be grateful to know how that actually works and how enable the free trial and how to get the registration CODE without submitting my payment card details !! (Unless is obligatory ?) Please let me know, thanks in advance for your help ! bluerose