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  1. Good day. I noticed a problem caused by LavasoftTcpService.dll. When downloading files for Guild Wars 2 the client/laucher would keep on crashing, closing or on rare occasions give me a crashlog. This .dll has been pointed out as the problem. So apparently at some point I installed one of your products and when I search for "lavasoft" on my harddrive I find "LavasoftLSPInstaller.exe" as well as many other .dll files that seem to belong to it. I don't remember why, when or how I installed it. Anyway I tried to just delete LavasoftTcpService.dll, but it always seems to be used by some other process. Additionally I have NO programm or service provided by this currently installed or active, in fact I had the servcie LavasoftTcpService permanently deactivated. Now here are my question: How can I remove preferably all files connected to this without causing problems? I've heard of cases where deleting it caused the permanent loss of the internet connection. And: why does it still affect anything when I have nothing installed?