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  1. My HP laptop came with webcompanion pre-installed. I tried to uninstall it, but it reported an error in the installer. After that, the program wasn't available, but the LavasoftTcpService64.dll was still being used in lots of processes. Since the Unity 5.2 game creation suite isn't compatible with lavasofttcpservice (it crashes on immediately) it was important to me to get rid of it. My first couple attempts resulted in not being able to access the internet (I used a system restoral point to get back from the first attempt). As far as I can tell, the uninstaller left the lavasofttcp in the registry in the place of microsoft's tcp stack or something. Maybe because of the upgrade to windows 10 it couldn't find the keys to remove them. All I know is that if I remove the dlls I can't get to the internet. I fixed that in two steps, perhaps one of them is unnecessary. Two commands in an administrator prompt fixed it >netsh winsock reset and >netsh int ip reset resettcpip.txt (that last bit being a log file to write to) after that I reset the computer. By the way, the way I got rid of the dlls was to boot in safe mode (possibly unnecessary). I still couldn't delete them immediately, so in safe mode I changed the permissions on the files to deny permission to execute to all users and system. Then reboot. Since they can't be loaded, they can be deleted. Perhaps that's unnecessary if you can really fix the registry, and maybe netsh bit did that.