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  1. Thanks Cecilia- it worked perfectly for me.I usually keep a close eye out for bundled software. At least I'm lucky it's from AdAware but I wish the boxes to uncheck were bigger.I know Lavasoft has a good reputation.
  2. So you can assure me that if I run the "netsh winsock reset" command it will reset my defaults to my ISP, Optimum and then I can safely delete the two Lavasoft dlls in System32 and Syswow64?**I could only force delete them before and then lost my internet connection but now I will be able to delete them in ordinary fashion? Really, Web Companion from a good company like Lavasoft shouldn't hijack your home page and then require a slightly advanced method in removing it. But anyway if you would assure me in these two questions, then I will try the command and deletion.
  3. Did I mention it changes your home page and chosen search provider without your permission?
  4. I see many others have this same problem because now I noticed a stickie. How about an automated tool to do this for the less advanced users??
  5. If you don't believe me and uninstalled Web Companion search your Windows System 32 folder for "Lavasoft". This is after uninstalling it the proper and recommended way. You will find 3(three) leftover crucial Lavasoft files, 2 .DLL's and one log file. If you force remove these Lavasoft files you will not be able to connect to the internet unless you restore them. DO NOT DELETE the files or you'll have to use some advanced command prompts to restore your internet connection. This is not a rant-it is the absolute 100% truth and I'm an advanced user. So Lavasoft report can you restore our internet connection after totally removing Web Companion which does not fully uninstall using Add/Remove??
  6. Like I said Web Companion somehow snuck under the radar when I updated my K-Lite Codec Pack, a totally unrelated software.I uninstalled it through Programs and Features in Windows 10. But it left two .dll files in Windows System 32 and Windows WOW64.If one removes those leftover traces of Web Companion which doesn't guard browsers anyway unless one pays a good sum on money, then everyone will lose their ability to connect to the web through loss of TCP.How do I get rid of ALL Lavasoft Web Companion and what happened to the good company that used to protect computers to one that contaminates and leaves our computers useless??