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  1. Recentley i went on a site that i have confirmed had a vbs/virus info about the virus here ( so after confirming it was on the site i used ad-aware and did a full scan and sadley it detected nothing and even more sadley my computer began to have effects because of the worm the biggest problem was the freezing and it slowing down it would just freeze out of nowhere. So, my first thought was to look up and get information about the virus and i did but their removal tips were to put it in safe mode and run a scan (Which as you can imagine did not work ) so i (just out of curiosty) looked up vbs/worm in lavasofts malware Encyclopedia and nothing popped up (Does this mean ad-aware cant detect vbs/worms?) anyway the main reason i am here on this forum is for tips to get it off my computer so plz respond as soon as possible thank you