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  1. Yes, the yellow triangle. After half a day of performing all kinds of tests on software installed, I noticed there was an update for Google Chrome browser, installed that. Then I uninstalled my video drivers and installed the new Geforce Experience beta drivers and the problem has mysteriously gone away. I have no idea which "fix" helped me out, but after reading some web pages, it would seem that the yellow triangle which I could only click to close and couldn't right-click to interact with has gone away entirely. My machine has been running for four hours straight since my driver reinstalls and changing my paging file to Windows 7 managed. I have no idea what repaired what, but it seems to be resolved. Feel free to delete this thread at your will.
  2. Since getting my key for AdAware Antivirus and installing V11, suddenly a very weird error state is occuring in Chrome, especially when Youtube videos or Flash is being used. Enclosed is a screenshot of a tray icon that appears but when clicking on it, it does nothing but disappear. The Chrome video flickering (or refreshing) keeps happening even after I click the tray icon and it disappears. A friend suggested perhaps WebCompanion is doing this. Chrome support have no clue what's causing the bug and suggested I reinstall Flash. Did that, but it didn't change the situation. I did not have this problem in the previous AdAware Antivirus and WebCompanion was not installed at all before V11. Any help would be greatly appreciated.