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  1. i just right click ad aware pro security icon on my windows toolbar and then i click "stop ad-aware pro security" . i think the problem has to do with websockets(i thought its the same saying blocked page)
  2. Hi Andy, thanks for the reply. in the screenshot i have circled u the 2 signs of blockage(i have read about these signs at lichess forum and also tested stoping ad aware as i told u, so i m sure its ad aware). the other sign is that by clicking a player the game doesnt start(as it should)=still at the "screenshot" page. here is the screenshot:
  3. Hi CeciliaB, sorry isn't there any easiest way -like exception list- than following all these steps? i find it really uncomfortable that for a simple exception must be done all these processes (posting here ,configuring etc.) thnks in advance
  4. same problem. uses websockets. I would like the solution-fix please.
  5. blocked = unable to play and continuuous disconnection. When i stop Ad aware Pro security then works fine again.