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  1. I have Spybot S&D but have not used it in quite a while. I ran Adaware SE 2007 and I ignored the 2 mentioned " threats" and it placed them in the ignore list Maybe it did not delete them previously because they may be nbeded for something else I do not remember using the hosts file recently
  2. Thank you very much If it is NO threat then I will continue to ignore I do not know if I set a lock on hOSTS file. How can I verify that?
  3. I did that and it still does not work. The specific files (2) that it can not remove are Redirected hostile entry IP address Hostname FASTCLICK.NET with a TAI of 4 Pls help
  4. I can remove tracking and MRU but can not remove critical objects why?
  5. I have AdAware 2007 SE but I can not remove thecritical objects... why?