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  1. Do you remember loading hosts file entries? If so, which list did you use and how did you load it?


    If not, do you use either Spybot S&D or HostsMan?



    I have Spybot S&D but have not used it in quite a while. I ran Adaware SE 2007 and I ignored the 2 mentioned " threats" and it placed them in the ignore list


    Maybe it did not delete them previously because they may be nbeded for something else


    I do not remember using the hosts file recently :D

  2. You are using a blocking HOSTS file to prevent access to certain domains. The entry shown is not a threat as it simply prevents traffic to fastclick.net. I would suggest setting that detection to always ignore.


    I am not sure why Ad-Aware is unable to remove this as I reconstructed it and AAW2007 handled it easily. It may be that you set a lock on the HOSTS file at the time that you loaded it using whatever program you used to add the entries.


    Bottom line: You are not infected and the detection is not a real threat.



    Thank you very much


    If it is NO threat then I will continue to ignore


    I do not know if I set a lock on hOSTS file. How can I verify that?

  3. Hi, MegaT

    please make sure that all SE files are deleted.

    Than start a new download ( shut down your sec.softw. ) an install again.

    Please let us know if it works.


    Raziel ;)


    I did that and it still does not work. The specific files (2) that it can not remove are Redirected hostile entry IP address Hostname FASTCLICK.NET with a TAI of 4


    Pls help