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  1. I have some malware on my computer. It originated on Windows 7 Interner Explorer. I then decided to update to Windows 10. Not only did it come with the update it also migrated to Chrome when I installed it. It basically takes over the Browser. It opens new tabs in the browser and brings up all kinds of advertisements. I "think" some of the screens it displays are just copies of the original site and somehow they then open new tabs with new advertisements. I have Adware 11 Total Security. It flags no problem. Per customer service at Lavasoft I also installed "Adblockplus". It also failed. Many, many popups are stopped but the system runs slow as it tries to handle all the activity. The first web site picked seems to come up correctly. If no new popups or tabs appear Adblockplus shows as much as 600 popups blocked in a matter of seconds. Minutes later thousands. My PC is unusable. I have attached some pictures of what comes up. Please help!