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  1. I have downloaded and installed the Mega version from this website I do have some things as a backup but that are only the bookmarks not the entire profile. Bookmarks are also stored online but that doesn't include tab-pages that are still open. I had not suspected any change of my webbrowser since i was only installing audio- and videocodecs and didn't expect a web companion to take over my browser.
  2. Hi there, The Web Companion was silently installed when i installed the K-Lite Codec Pack. The removal of Web Companion was easy using the uninstall from my startmenu but it left me with 1 Firefox-tab of my standard homepage, all other tabs were gone without any possibility to get them back. I had very much information on those tab-pages which i still needed and are now extremely hard to get back. I find it unacceptable that a program that i didn't want installs itself and thereby destroying my surf activity and gathered information from the last few months. This feels like a hyjack activity and is something i would not expect from Lavasoft. I am shocked to say the least.