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  1. I have already downloaded the free one and it came in with the exe and a (2) after it. That means it's the 2nd download doesn't it?
  2. The only choice I have is the paid version when I get to that webpage. I downloaded this on last week.
  3. I have AdAware 12.0.636.11167 and would like to turn off the constant pop that asks if I want to update - with a link to AdAware Anti-Virus which I don't want. The only options on the pop-up are "Ask Me Later" and "Update Now" - I need one that says "Quit Bothering Me." The irony is that AdAware is supposed to GET RID of annoying pop-ups not create new ones. Any way to make this stop?
  4. Hi Cecilia, I have done everything you suggested in post #27. I tested out Opera and I like it. I had a little trouble with the windows update. The instructions on the website say to go to the start button and the updates will be there but this is W10 and its not the same as how the website depicts it. Some places says its not installed. When I click install it, it refers me to the start button. The Windows update is not there. However, elsewhere I have clicked a check box that makes Windows updates automatic. So, I'm confused.
  5. If I put those browsers back, your saying they will act like W7? Because I have 2 W10 machines and nothing browses on either one except the e Browser from W10. Too much hassle. However I have had Internet Explorer get hosed before and I couldn't get it back right until I loaded the next edition a year and a half later. So, yeah, it's scary running with only one browser that can access the internet.
  6. I no longer have Chrome or Firefox on this machine. Again, I have never had a single successful browse with any other browser besides the e browser that comes with W10. I had it pointed out to me and I concur. No other browsers work well with W10. At least right now. I know you believe different.
  7. One more scan on FRST. Addition.txt Fixlog.txt
  8. OK, so surfing with Chrome, a few minutes ago, a new tab came up with an opportunity for W10 PC repair. They show logos from Microsoft, McAfee, and Norton. I'm pretty sure it's an invite into the Adware spider's lair. Any comments?
  9. All seems quiet with the adware. Fixlog.txt
  10. I also noticed that the Firefox installation date was on like 4/9/2016. I didn't install it this month I guarantee that.
  11. Hi Cecilial, I have removed Norton and Firefox, per items 2 and 4 above.
  12. Hi Cecilia, Here is the file attached for item 3 above. Heading to the Norton website now. Fixlog.txt
  13. Hi Cecilia, 1. I finally found the check box for Addition.txt in the FRST window. Please find it attached. 2. I don't know where I got Firefox anymore. I do remember attempting to make sure it was genuine though. They are pretty crafty. Anyway it doesn't really matter because I have noticed that the only browser that runs well in W10 is their new e Browser. So no problem getting rid of the firefox browser. 3. Starting on instructions from 3. Addition.txt
  14. Also, I just noticed that I just responded with the infected computer so the measures must be working. Let's continue!