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  1. Yes, Lavasoft QA is contacting me today after I tried many ways to reach them. Thank you
  2. We’ve found it’s the “Web Protection” module of Ad-Aware Antivirus caused our software crash, please forward this hint to your development team;
  3. I google around and found that “LavasoftTcpService” caused a lot of other software crash: 1.Lavasoft caused the game "Guidewars 2" crash: 2.Lavasoft caused the "Plex Media Server" crash: 3.Lavasoft caused "Mozilla Firefox" crash:
  4. Hi Cecilia, Thanks for your reply. Please find the download link of our software "Filmora" below:
  5. Hi Ad-Aware Team, We are Wondershare Inc., an independent software developer and distributor; Here I contact you because your “Ad-Aware Antivirus” causes our software product “Filmora” crash , making our application unable to launch; We analyzed the crash log collected from our customer, it shows that "Ad-Aware Antivirus" insert a dll into our process and caused the crash: Id: 24211 Current: Yes StackSize: 9FunctionFile(Line)LavasoftTcpService64-0x00002890eee13516-LavasoftTcpService64-0xf7c-LavasoftTcpService64-0x5ffef50-0x2736-0x1-0x1f- This already affects our customers badly, could you please look into this matter and help resolve it ASAP? Or at least help forward this mail to the responsible team? I tried your Support Portal, there’s no response at all; Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!