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  1. Uninstalled after 1 day - browsing and file access is really getting slow. Sorry Ad-Aware ...
  2. I stopped using Ad-Aware years ago due to several reasons but I think version 11 is one of the better versions, my suggestions: - automatic program upgrades are important, is this feature still not implemented? this suggestion is really old ... - make it compact (your software seem to be coded by beginners: 522 mb for an offline installer + 155 mb signature updates = 677 mb for an antivirus!) - make it really free (if it's free why is it necessary to renew a licence every year?) - prompt user when an infected file is found (instead of autodelete/autoquarantine) - please don't change the GUI with every new version, GUI of v 11 is ok However, the rest of version 11 is really nice.