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  1. when doing a full scan in Ad-Aware 12 Beta 7 last night the Calculating did not show how long the scan should take to complete must be a Beta bug in this newer version that needs to be fixed & looked at
  2. I want in! i would like very much to beta test the up & coming new Ad-Aware 12 for you Lavasoft & for all the Ad-Aware users around the world thank you very much
  3. i tried to install ad aware 11.11 free antivirus again it failed too install then power when out where i live tonight when the power cameback i tried to install ad aware free again this time i installed it okay put in the free license but i get the same problems like i got before when i tried to install it a bunch of times it keeps on saying Intializing Ad AwareService but it never does & it also says Please wait while we update defintion files i keep getting both these problems preventing Ad Aware from installing properly how can i & you fix these problems Lavasoft I have a Windows 7 64 Bit Computer Acer Model if this helps to fix & resolve this ongoing problem with Ad Aware11.11 free antivirus with this new version what can be done here are some screenshots of these Ad Aware11.11 services not installing hope this helps
  4. i had to remove malwarebtyes pro to be able to install ad aware 11.11 free antivirus but now it will not update the malware defintions it just says checking for updates & it does nothing at all & action center in windows security says ad aware antivirus free is turned off & the ad aware icon in windows explorer the right click scan with Adware should be bright orange color but is a dark black color i even rebooted my computer to see if this would fix this & it did not now how do i fix these things decided to remove this software from my pc because it would not work too many bugs too much problems with it
  5. I Cannot Install The New Version Of AD AWARE11.11 Free Version i tried several times & i allways get the same results can someone from Lavasoft please help me with fixing this problem with this new version of Ad aware11.11 Free Antivirus i hope this helps others too with this same problem i am using windows 7 64 bit computer hope this helps you too fix this lavasoft