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  1. it get 2 point the pc get were I cant use I msg msg back your frist securitgot back I cant get I keep get tech support scams I was windows 10 support progam now I keep get calls of virus my pc keep turn it self on I use teamv my man have it as well same problem keep virus pop up ever were I go on ever were sauy connection is in un unencrypted and in secure I ever web browser everthing I got up 2 date even new web Microsoft Edge I use in insider build 14372.rs1 release 160620 2342 I new one I just got like a week ago I think it say un secure I keep my windows update 2 day I have keep reset it it fix like for a day that part everthing say unencrypted and secure like something can be less that I try pay virus security I keep get scams of real ones I try everthing is out no one scan pick this problem up I keep tell that it all in my head it no virus your progam not even scan downloads or usb it not work right I keep get ask by it scan it take like something a 1 sec on full scan sometime it jit one hit like 10 min in it force itself close I cant open it I have way 2 money problems I tell forum u semm get nowere I keep put my money on bills I keep ask for helpfor wells ever time someone call in like hacker alwqays send this on person end like my passwords I thinki keep seem get bots of people in my pc I keep try find real person I get no were I life in Uusa I hard with all the bills no were me get it out microslft staff support on progam u pop like ask if need put bills or other problem like virus was in my pc he man send thing him self next all my keyboard benot working right sorry I sure u cant help as well I try your forum it say in block next it put go on scam tech support site ask for me pasy get it out no were get any were with this virus just keeps popping up and you cannot remove it?The infection falls into the category of one of the worst cyber threats you can ever catch – Trojans. Most web users cringe at even the thought of getting stuck with such a hazardous infection. It’s not a threat, you should underestimate and it, most certainly, isn’t one you ever want to see on your PC. Unfortunately, if you’re reading this, you’re one of the unlucky ones. A Trojan has made your computer its new home. And, you’re in for a pretty bad time. That is unless you take action immediately after coming to the conclusion that you’re a victim of this dangerous menace. As soon as you detect the HTML/ScrInject.B.Gen infection, delete it! Get rid of it the first chance you get. That way, you’ll likely save yourself a ton of time and energy, headaches and troubles. For, understand this, the longer the pesky Trojan is allowed to remain, the worse your predicament will get. If you think that ‘it’s no big deal,’ and it ‘can wait,’ you’re terribly wrong. No, it can’t! Remove it now! Yes, at first, you’ll experience the minor inconveniences that accompany HTML/ScrInject.B.Gen. But then your situation gradually worsens until you reach the major grievances of the ‘security risk’ caliber. Don’t let it get that far. Prevent it from escalating. Otherwise, you’ll severely regret it. After all, do you wish to gamble with your personal and financial information? Do you want your private life to end up with strangers with agendas? Are your ready for the dangers that follow should that happen? Why not do yourself a favor and avoid all of that altogether? Protect yourself and your system from the Trojan’s influences. Delete HTML/ScrInject.B.Gen as soon as you discover it on your PC. It’s truly for the best. How did I get infected with?Trojans are quite masterful at finding a way into your system. They slyly infiltrate your system via trickery and finesse and then proceed to corrupt it. They are, in fact, so sly and subtle that, at first, you aren’t even aware of their existence. Not until the infection chooses to reveal itself. As for ‘how’, the Trojan manages to invade your system, and without you knowing it no less, there are a few methods the infection typically turns to. It usually hitches a ride with freeware or hides behind corrupted links or sites. It can also hide behind a fake front, like a Java or an Adobe Flash Player update, and slither in undetected as you think you’re just updating your PC. However, the most common means of invasion, Trojans resort to when sneaking into your computer includes spam emails. If you receive an email, and you don’t know the sender, or it seems suspicious, delete it at once! Better yet, don’t open it at all. And, above all, do NOT open or download the attachment, if it contains one. Such actions often result in unwanted infections getting into your PC. To keep your system, Trojan=-free and not face the HTML/ScrInject.B.Gen menace, try to be more vigilant. Carelessness will not lead to anything good. Be more thorough, always do your due diligence, and don’t give into distraction, haste, and gullibility. Why is this dangerous?HTML/ScrInject.B.Gen will quickly turn into the bane of your browsing experience. It will plague your online activities by continuously interrupting them. Let’s elaborate. Trojans, like the once currently found on your PC, are free to install any malware they so wish. Adware, browser hijackers, scareware, ransomware, etc. Anything they feel like letting in, they can allow into your system. They don’t have to inform you or ask permission. They can just do it. So, it won’t take long before you turn on your computer, and find it overrun with all kinds of hazardous infections. Your system is fair game. It’s more than likely that soon after HTML/ScrInject.B.Gen settles on your PC, you’ll start to experience the immense annoyance of ever-flowing waterfalls of pop-up ads every time you try to go online. And, not just that. The intrusions don’t end there. It’s safe to assume that hijackers will also be a part of the mix, so expect endless redirects, as well. And, if that’s all you get stuck with, consider yourself lucky. It can be much worse. And, if you continue idly standing by as the Trojan wreaks havoc, it will. Your situation may even escalate to the point of no return, with you face to face with The Blue Screen of Death. That’s hardly a desirable outcome. Why not avoid it? Can you think of a single reason HTML/ScrInject.B.Gen is worth keeping? We’ll assume ‘No.’ Do you know why? Because there is none! That’s a nasty, meddling, invasive, highly harmful Trojan infection, which you should remove from your system immediately! Don’t delay! There isn’t a way to stress this enough: the more you prolong the infection’s stay, the worse your predicament will get! Do yourself a favor, and get rid of HTML/ScrInject.B.Gen at once. Your future self will surely be grateful for it. Manual HTML/ScrInject.B.Gen