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  1. This program is a video subtitle editing software, but the file SayaSub2.exe is incorrectly identified as virus Gen:Variant.Graftor.386772 by Adaware. Filename: SayaSub2.exe Version: Website: Package Download link:
  2. The newest version still report to virus Gen:Variant.Graftor.278938. Please help to correct it again. File Name: KaraTitleMaker2.exe Version: Detection Type: Gen:Variant.Graftor.278938 Installer location: Website:
  3. Hi, This is a video subtitle editing software. Ad-Aware incorrectly identify our software to malware. Please help to correct it. Details of the product are as follows: File Name: KaraTitleMaker2.exe Detection Type: Gen:Variant.Graftor.289616 Installer location: Website: Regards, Sayatoo Software Ad-Aware incorrectly indentify the program to malware. Please help to correct it.