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  1. Got the same issue with my next update... tnb_V6.0.11.rar I've been doing some testing, it seems that only string value encryption causes the detection. I may not use that feature anymore at the cost of letting crackers get a bit more informations about my software protection. Seems variables/functions renaming don't trigger any heuristic detection. just string encryption.
  2. Thank you ! I just hope the next update of my software wont have the same issue (I update it almost daily sometimes). Since this obfuscator uses the same encryptions of name, it should not change much from one .exe to another tho.
  3. Hi, This is a "bot/AI" for World of Warcraft, paid software since 2012, without any issues. Details of the product are as follows: File Name: TheNoobBot-6.0.10.rar (and newers version) Detection Type: Gen:Heur.MSIL.Krypt.4 ( Virus Total : Installer location: Website: Regards, Marc MALKA Ad-Aware incorrectly indentify the program to malware while we simply obfuscate a C# Application. Please help to correct it. Note that we constantly update our program so if you could add a pattern for the false positive, would be great. Edit: I'm sorry for actually not posting a log since I don't use your software, I'm just sending a bunch of false positive notice to concerned AntiVirus company.