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  1. Here are files you requested in order to help me better with this AdsKeeper situation. In regards to what I have well I have a modem provided by and my own router DIR-615 (just flashed it today during all this mess hoping it would help). I reset both too but none of this fixed the issue. I also turned off wireless internet options on the router. As for hardware that is attached to the router I have another pc attached to it but it hasn't been turned on in months due to needing maintenance that I didn't feel like doing. Also connected to the router is an Xbox One and an Xbox 360 plus my VOIP phone device and the survey scanner I used for Nielsen Home Survey Group. As for being able to tell with this router if I have been hacked and the DNS has been set to malicious servers all I can say is from what I saw in a display about this sort of thing it looked like my router was ok. If anyone wants to walk me through things and be sure that would be fine. Update: My internet provider emailed me I guess earlier today and there is nothing on their end that says modem has been compromised in any way. Addition_25-07-2016_23-03-50.txt FRST_25-07-2016_23-03-50.txt
  2. This thing is the most evil infection I've found in some time. Even after a deep format of my hard drives and a clean install of all proper drivers. This thing still infected my pc without using AdBlocker. Thing is AdBlocker is not a permanent solution as it doesn't help me with my Steam situation where with their software I can't post, go to the 2nd page and further in the store or on message boards and I can't start new threads or post in threads. Also with this Adskeeper virus/malware or whatever it blocks me from seeing surveys on survey sites. It stops me from being able to read posts on news sites and also doesn't allow me to post because it blocks that out too. Seriously is there any way to stop this thing? I am going to try Ad-Aware now but I am just using the free version. Anyway I don't want to pour money into an anti-virus program or malware stopping program and so on unless it is possible to get rid of this thing and it seems like when I search for info. on this Adskeeper it seems fairly new. Recent posts are showing up on various websites showing people are complaining about it. I know I am sick of it. Update: Ad-Aware found nothing on my system where when I at least tried demos of other software that wouldn't clean things it would show something. It picked up something. I don't know if Ad-Aware free is worth anything if it is picking up nothing. It also doesn't make me any more likely to buy it if I see it can't pick up what other things can.