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  1. I recently had to replace a computer and not wanting either a different operating system or having to do a clean install due to the amount of "tweaking' I had done to the operating system in geneal and start menu in particular, I chose to move the hard drive from the old machine to the new. I quickly began to have problems with the machine overheating and shutting down on me without warning, leaving me little option but to do a clean install as I was informed correctin other issues I was having would likely cause new problems without a clean install. I did the clean install, and not only do I still have the other issues, though I did expect that given the computer must be opened to correct them, I am finding that "legacy" programs which had run previously will not run now, and I am also unable to make the tweaks of the start menu I want. I was reasonably confident Registry Tuner can correct the problems I am having with the start menu and legacy programs, but when I attempted to reinstall Registry Tuner, I got a message that the license key I entered (I have two) was invalid. I haved since been advised that my support subscription has expired, but I cannot confirm that as those records are in one of the programs I cannot get to run! As a result, I seem to be in a Catch-22, and would appreciate being advised how to resolve this.