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  1. I tried all of the above (both options), including uninstalling with Control Panel, then reinstalling Web Companion again and then uninstalling with IOBit Uninstaller Pro. Then reinstalled Kaspersky. It still wanted to remove Web Companion and restart. Finally I unchecked the box to remove Web Companion and continue. Kaspersky complained loudly a couple of times, warning me that it was not recommended and unsafe, but it finally finished installation. It still asked me to let it remove Web Companion and reboot. I then noticed that I could uncheck the box to remove Web Companion Thanks for the help, but why Kaspersky acts this way is still a mystery.
  2. Not in a list of installed programs in Control Panel or list in IO Bit uninstaller. Nothing in those two Program Files folders. And nothing in the registry either! Would you recommend reinstalling Web Companion and doing a complete uninstall by IO Bit Uninstaller, Control Panel, or another uninstaller program? Lee
  3. Hello. I cannot install Kaspersky Anti-Virus . It says it is incompatible with "Lavasoft Web Companion" (which I don't remember installing). When trying to install Kaspersky, it asks permission to remove the program. I give Kaspersky permission to remove it, then it says it was removed, and tells me I must restart. After a restart, the same thing happens. I then used regedit to remove all lines containing occurrences of Lavasoft in the registry, but Kaspersky still acts the same. I can't get past this part of the install. I've restarted the computer numerous times. Control Panel and IO-Bit Uninstaller can't even find any Lavasoft product to remove.