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  1. Thank you very much for your answer. You saved me. System restore solved my problem. Regards
  2. Hi all, I had recently tried to update GOM player and somehow, update package started with installation of Ad-Aware product (I did not notice that at first). Kaspersky AV was in training mode and it reported registry changes. At some point, I chose to block registry changes and block activities of lava soft installer (thinking it was installation of GOM player going on). After this, I noticed that my Java crashed, and after computer restart I can not access internet at all. I can not use programs that need Java. I looked through TEMP and found files like Web Companion, "LavasoftLSPInstaller.ini.log"... (Attached). So looked at internet and found about "Web Companion" and this forum. My first approach to reverse corrupted Lavasoft installation was to Install Ad-Aware completely and then uninstall it. I tried with standalone installation, but it returns error WaitForTransactionOwnerChanged Failed; result 258. Now I am out of options. Therefore, I would be very grateful if you could help me on how to remove your software (that I did not want to install at all) and to bring things back to normal. I am using Win 7 x64. Regards, Nikola LavasoftLSPInstaller.ini.log LavasoftTcpServicer.log