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  1. Cecilia , did you receive a response from lavasoft regarding photon? also will there be a beta 4? beta 3 is humming along quite nicely
  2. Is Ad-aware using the photon component of the bitdefender engine? when first installed it used 124mb of ram, after first full scan and 24 hours, its now sitting at 38mb
  3. this product has worked for me in the past, it also has a mode called forced uninstall that can help remove software that is partially uninstalled or partially installed. you could also try safe mode.
  4. I would like to see web companion bundled with the installation of the free and paid editions of ad-aware antivirus, with an ability to opt out of it with the knowledge you could download and install it at a later date. I have been trying it for a few days and its really good
  5. Found another UI glitch that could be improved; Dosent show last scan date, even though I just completed a full scan, and dosent show date of last update. Just minor, not too concerned
  6. Ok I added both the x86 file and 64bit file. and it blocked internet access. Why would microsoft use a 32bit edition in a 64bit OS?
  7. here you go, also for whatever reason the total security just reverted itself to free edition, but it worked when i re-registered the key
  8. Found a bug in beta 3 12.0.390.10466 , on windows 8.1 64bit on vmware player: I clearly told application control to not allow any inbound or outbound traffic from iexplore.exe and as this image shows, it didnt block it. also i cant upload the compressed adaware12 zip file as its 215mb in size
  9. Sorry I forgot to mention one small thing: it should say check for new threat definitions , not definition
  10. so here is my list of pros and cons for the beta 3: Good detection and web protection Acceptable UI, would still prefer an update now button on the home tab, and via right clicking the tray icon Does not slow web browsing Quiet and only pops when it needs something or to catch your attention. Cons: By default Firewall will allow everything instead of using a white and blacklist to determine whether to deny or allow and application or process, to have full control you need to switch it to prompt Scan speeds could be improved and the amount of disk usage while scanning could be cut in half when ad-aware blocks a malicious page, consider changing the X icon to red X on white circle, red is more noticeable as a danger! stop icon. Consider leaving scan archive files and deep scan off by default in web protection, only slows browsing and archives are harmless until the files inside are extracted. Consider skipping files that cant be infected from both the realtime and manual scans, Finally consider moving definition files settings from the scan tab to the web protection tab, it just makes more sense and update as part of a quick and full scan , so users have the latest definitions before the scan begins
  11. yeah and windows 10 as per most recent logs
  12. Just an update, now installs and updates with no problem. Windows 8.1 64-bit
  13. @CecilliaB I have been able to re-create the issue in windows 10 64bit with both defender and firewall off. downloading updates freezes at 30mb/170mb even after reboot and clearing of temporary files adaware