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  1. Greetings again CeciliaB You guys really need an offline installer. jmho I beta test a multitude of gaming & security related software and this is still failing. I get to the Phase where it says the updater finished and it simply goes no further so it creates no logs. It just sits there not advancing, and I did something I normally would not do for any software, I disabled Windows Firewall for the entire install with no security active, its something with this online installer, I just know it. System: Windows 10 Pro x64 v14393.693
  2. Greetings CeciliaB I tried 3 with the same result. I got curious though and downloaded Ad-Aware 11 (latest Installer) and tried, it installed and ran without error. So for some of us on Win10 x64 it is an issue exclusive to Ad-Aaware 12 I won't give up, and in my free time I will keep searching for a cause or solution. It would be nice though to be testing the actual product lol Thanks for all your time and attention. PeAcE
  3. Just a "heads up" that may work. Use Ccleaner or manually, delete Ad-Aware from the start up folder and restart. Then use Ccleaner or Manually re-add Ad Aware to the start up folder and reboot once more, it should start. I have had this issue before while beta testing Security software, it has worked for me in the past. Hope it helps you. PeAcE
  4. Attempted to install using the updated installer, cant download the product, I am receiving this error: This was with Firefox v49.0.2 Download Link Used:
  5. I hope you have a 2nd opinion scanner if your testing on your production machine, which if your visiting ebay I suspect you are. Just in case that's not a FP but Ad Aware actually protecting your card info from an exploit.
  6. I would love to, I am not new to beta testing, but there are no logs to be found referring to Ad-Aware. I think it did not make it far enough to produce logs and it was a software error , because if it was related to my system there would be a couple places I could pull logs from. I have re-tried again today and I skipped running Ccleaner just in case Ccleaner deleted the logs and still no logs were produced just the error you see in the SS I posted above. This is strange I am sure the Dev's will recognize that error code in the SS I will hold off on reinstalling till instructed further.
  7. Seeing that the install never completed I had no folders in the install location, I will look got system logs to see if it triggered, will add to this post shortly. Thank You for the swift reply.
  8. Greetings support staff and Dev's, With no other security software enabled at the time of install I get this error, See included SS. Remedies: Restarted system, cleaned up failed install with Ccleaner Pro to cleanup any leftover drivers and retried install only to net the same result.
  9. Count me in, I heard about this beta from: You can recruit some good , solid beta testers there, feel free to stop in and encourage testers. I have downloaded the installer.