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  1. Hello, binarymoods Updater will be uninstalled automatically after web installer window is closed. About your problem - looks like your video card is old. Try to find latest drivers and install them.
  2. Hello, which email client do you use(and which version) and which adaware version do you have?
  3. Hello, if you disabled graphical driver and install adaware and then enable it again it won't works. AdAware can't works with your current graphical card. I recommend you to wait next release. There it should be fixed. Thank you.
  4. Try to download web installer form and run it please.
  5. Hello, Patrick Coghlan After you run web installer have you seen web installer windows that stucks, or totally nothing? Could you please attach the Logs folder from C:\ProgramData\adaware\adaware antivirus?
  6. Thank you. As I understood you already have installed driver from Toshiba's web site( If yes have you rebooted your computer after it?
  7. Could you please give me full name of your laptop? I will try to help you to find appropriate driver.
  8. Hello, LittleNipper We are very sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with new adaware antivirus 12. We would like to ask you to remotely access your computer to take proper actions on the matter to get it resolved. To do this, please install the TeamViewer program. Please provide us your ID and Password information(to email [email protected]). Do not close the TeamViewer window. We highly appreciate your cooperation and we thank you in advance for taking your time to solve this issue. Please specify your time zone and let us know a convenient time for the remote session running. We do hope that you allow remote connection to your computer, so that we can have the opportunity to solve the problem as soon as possible.
  9. Hello, mebits If you have AMD video adapter try to update your video drivers. Thanks.
  10. Hello, real_life Looks like you have to install Service Pack 1 for your Windows 7. AdAware can't works without it. Try to download it from here, install it and then run adaware installer again. Thanks.
  11. Hello, Try this topic for solving the problem.
  12. Could you please attach log files and sysinfo file?