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  1. The new version produces this error message when trying to open AdAware UI. (Just a reminder: On my desktop computer none of the AdAware windows can be displayed (installer, AdAwareDesktop...) unless I open them with my display adapter disabled in Device Manager (ATI Radeon Xpress 1150). If anybody is still willing to help and solve this problem in AdAware, I'm willing to cooperate.)
  2. Cecilia, loading times are still long. Thanks a lot for helping me clean up my computer, anyway (Oh, and don't mind the sfsn.exe and sfsn2.exe programs in the reports. I have developed those silly little applications myself ) Fixlog.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. Running CHKDSK finds no disk problems. Here are the logs. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  4. Oh, I uploaded it and forgot to press Attach This File A while ago I set up a Homegroup between my desktop computer and laptop, in order to share the My Documents folder between them. Could that create this strange group policy? Fixlog.txt
  5. 1. Left-overs and adware Thank you, I have followed your steps. 2. System Restore You're right, I don't know why it was off. Enabled. 3. Group policy ?? What is this? Yes, please explain what to do. Thanks! (The folder still takes five minutes to be loaded.)
  6. Hi Cecilia, With Adaware stopped, a folder with 19 MP3 files (~4,8 to ~6,2 MB big) loads in a second and a half; Adaware makes it last 7 minutes I don't have any security software installed but Adaware and the ones that come with Windows 7 (Defender, Firewall). FRST.txt Addition.txt
  7. With Adaware working, a folder with ~18 MP3 music files takes about 2-5 minutes to be loaded fully every time I open it. Folders with many MP3s can even reach more than 20 minutes. Can MP3 files even be infected?
  8. Still unresolved ... please see
  9. Copied over from AA 12 Beta forum: OK, Xvideos is blocked, but e.g. selecting "Alcohol use and promotion" doesn't block anything. Please consider improving it (maybe make it recognise such sites based on words or something like that) and/or remove the categories A-A doesn't block.
  10. Hi again, Copying over some unimplemented UI-related suggestions that appeared in Adaware 12 Beta forum: Make the generic "The web page you are trying to view has been blocked" warning more specific. Not only to say "deemed as dangerous", it should be explained why is it blocked (which component blocked it): Phishing, Malware URL, Adult site (parental control). Also, when ad-aware blocks a malicious page, consider changing the X icon to red X on white circle, red is more noticeable as a danger! stop icon. Need to make current (active) menu item marked (highlighted) all time. Menu items remain marked after mouse cursor is moved outside app window.
  11. I also cannot reactivate Adaware with the Pro key. But it's used by AA on my other computer and still works without warnings it's about to expire.
  12. The warning, "Update Adaware Antivirus", is duplicated in the windows Notification center. (Found on Windows 7, haven't yet tried on Win10. I think the issue also applies to AA 11.)
  13. The Adaware Total key has expired. You should renew it/provide a new one. Or, is Lavasoft discontinuing the Total edition?
  14. Unfortunately I'll be away till Sunday. Would Monday (about 18:00 CET) be OK?
  15. Here's something, if you still need... This thread is about a similar problem. Great to hear you're working on it. Logs –
  16. Yes. No matter what I run - the interface (AdAwareDesktop), installer (AdAwareUpdater from beta 5) ... - the AppData\Local\CrashDumps folder remains empty. (There are two other folders in %localappdata%, and I attached them in case they're useful.)
  17. When I start my computer, it soon begins warning me that there's no antivirus on, no firewall on, or neither. Happens on both computers (Windows 10 and the unfortunate Windows 7). If I disable and re-enable Network or RT Protection, the respective warning goes away. I guess something goes wrong during the startup?
  18. I'm really sorry, but no matter what I do, no crash dumps are produced. The first one was created when running AdAwareDesktop.exe from the Beta 1 installer. Any hints how to produce it? (My display driver is always on, otherwise my screen resolution is 1024x768 )
  19. I don't think the problem's not Windows update-related. Updates available for my computer: Important: a couple of MS Office and Skype updates pending (probably not related) Optional: the only Windows update is, which is probably not related Sorry, there are no dumps in the Crash Dumps folder anymore. Thank you for your support!
  20. Uninstalled Beta 4 and installed Beta 5, no diference. It still crashes before the interface appears. I have noticed that if I disable my display driver, start the UI and enable the driver again, I have no problems with using the interface until I close it. That means that something is only wrong with the startup procedure. AdAwareDesktop's performance is far from optimal anyway (needs about 5 seconds to start up and consumes 70 MB of RAM though the interface is simple), so please tackle the problem soon. Sorry for not responding. Here's my AdAware folder from C:\ProgramData: (I have excluded msi_cache\...\AdAwareInstaller.msi as it's 78 MB big.)
  21. I've noticed a box in the installer advertising a feature for safe online shopping and banking available in Ad-Aware Pro and Total. Which feature is meant by that?
  22. I suggest you replace "Estimated time left" and "Elapsed time" on the Scanning... page with a visual progress bar. It's more appealing and quicker to see the progress. And the cube on the Scanning page stopped spinning in Beta 4, you know that?
  23. Cecilia, thank you. Reinstalling solved the problems. If I find out what causes Windows treating Ad-Aware as disabled, I'll report it.
  24. None of the keys given in works for me (Activation failed). Did they change?
  25. (First, happy 2017 to everyone! ) Ad-Aware does not integrate into my Windows 10 computer completely. Windows Defender is running even though I have Ad-Aware installed and active. And if I turn its real time protection off, Windows starts displaying warnings like "Windows Defender and adaware antivirus are off; tap or click to view installed antivirus apps". The "Security and Maintenance" window then indicates Ad-Aware as "off" and Defender as "snooze". Same goes for the firewall. I have Network Protection turned on but I'm getting warnings like "Windows Firewall and adaware firewall are off" all the time. Ad-Aware should disable Windows Defender (and Firewall, if Pro is installed) automatically. Also, I don't know why Windows doesn't know whether Ad-Aware is on or off.