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  1. Thank you for your reply. Just tested this. The BSoD is gone when Ad-Aware is uninstalled. I attempted to uninstall, restart, and reinstall again but windows defender still stays on. I disabled the real time protection feature of defender but I still got the BSoD (assuming because Microsoft says it can automatically turn itself on) To be 100% sure I booted up into a fresh copy of windows onto a fresh SSD, and the problem still occurs. I just paid 24.99 for the year so I'm really hoping to get this resolved. If it helps these are the computer specs; Asus Hero Alpha Mobo Avexir core series Ram 16GB I7 6700k OC 4.5Ghz GTX 1080 SC EVGA Samsung 950 pro SSD Firecuda SSHD I don't think it's a hard ware confliction though.
  2. Hi all, TLDR; AD-Aware 11 causes blue screen of death on a fresh install of windows 10. After some research it APPEARS (not 100% tested) to be because windows 10 defender has real time protection ALWAYS on, and aware 11 conflicts. I don't want to install in compatibility mode because I purchased adaware for its real time protection! What can I do? I've been using AD-Aware since my early days on windows XP, it was always my go too. I switched to Mac OS for quite a few years, but my PC building side had a resurgence so after splurging on building a beast, I'm back to windows. Ad-Aware is all I feel comfortable with using, but it appears I cannot use it because the real time protection feature of windows 10 defender is stuck on. I do not wish to install in the mode that doesn't allow for real time protection from adaware. What can I do? NOTE: I am not 100% sure that that is the reason of the BSoD, but after research and considering I'm doing this on a clean install of windows that is my conclusion thus far. Any work Arounds? Thanks so much, Anthony