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  1. Cecilia Thank you so much for your help. It would seem that a simple change of browser was the answer. My computer man was very impressed by your attention. Thanks again. Aubrey.
  2. I am connected via a router. Having changed to Microsoft Efde from IE there has been no sign of the problem? AdwCleaner latest run attached. AdwCleanerC4.txt
  3. Cecilia Followed instructions without any positive results. Have now changed my browser from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge. Will come back to you if this is not successful. Appreciate all your help. Aubrey.
  4. Messages started to appear about 4 weeks ago.
  5. Only use Internet Explorer. I use Google normal which is .uk, my Chrome is .espana and I can only change it on a one off basis. Attached AdwCleaner. AVG I do not have and therefore could not access it. I use Lavasoft and Malware Premium. Thank you for your continued help. Aubrey. AdwCleanerS2.txt
  6. Files attached - I appreciate your help. Aubrey Tenerife, Canary Isles, Spain. FRST.txt Additional.txt
  7. This regularly appears at the bottom of my internet page: Containertag.js from What is it and how to I stop it?