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  1. if we can get some contacts for direct connection, such as Skype, it will be very grateful.
  2. Hello, I respresent GameNet technical support service ( We are designed an application QGNA for our customers (over 10 000 000 people) for game launch. After downloading the following files (attached) it identified as "Application.Bundler.Agent.BS". Please, add our files to your safe list for avoiding inconveniences. We are check this situation on I want to warn you that each user will get its own file with a unique Hash Sum. In consequence of that adding only this file will not bring the desired result. For example: PlayFl.exe - B3EDF2A079FFDA6D5B4B6589F5D34BD498B719B33A05FE8D436A061AB1DA8809 - SHA256 PlayFl(1).exe - 95818D240CC5804B8E729E5F6B111DC9D462FAD69EAB1278CD035D497C7B113A - SHA256 ​All files you can download here: or on our websites: and No permission to upload 7z or exe files Waiting for your response. Best regards, Maksim Karevich GameNet technical specialist