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  1. This seems to have helped! I'll bookmark this in case it happens again.
  2. There's really no steps to explain how to reproduce this, I turn on the computer, check on the AdAware icon on the system tray, find that it is greyed out, and the program shows with an overlay saying "Service unavailable". My "adaware antivirus.zip" file is here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ap4-zhTB2SskvDlKp7kBeKoz729i There's no msi files in my C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp folder to report in. msinfo32.zip attached. msinfo32.zip
  3. Well, this got rid of the BitDefender error, but Ad-Aware still does not want to run properly, showing the "Service Unavailable" message, and all I can do is close the window, minimize it, or call the about screen up.
  4. Sorry for never replying to this, Cecilia, after your first reply I unsubscribed from the thread. The .dmp file does not exist, I've never been able to find it! The folder exists, the hexadecimal folder name is identical, but it is empty, no .dmp file, and this happens every time this error appears, back then, and now (see my newest thread).
  5. Hey, I'm using Ad-Aware 12.2.889.11556. I've been a long time user of your free version, but last year I signed up for the Pro version. This recently ran out, and I wanted to wait until my paycheck arrived to renew the license. I chose to revert to the free version to have some protection while waiting. This version worked fine for some days, but then suddenly I got a message at boot-up that BitDefender had a problem, and had saved it to "BitDefender Thread Scanner.dmp" in some folder. This file does not exist, the folder does, but it's empty, I just don't recall the complicated hexadecimal folder name now. I don't know of any Windows 10 update happening lately, though if unattended for a while, my machine might start the update by itself, apparently, and reboot on its own without my permission. I hope I can get Ad-Aware up and running as soon as possible, so I can make my computer safer, and I'm sure you want me back as a paying customer as well. Regards, Jim Henriksen
  6. I got a message from BitDefender about it having a problem. I found this troublesome as I don't have, nor have I ever installed BitDefender. I thought this was a virus, and scanned immediately, nothing was found. I checked around on the web, and after a while I found out that you use components of BD in your program, and this message comes from those parts. It informs the user to report the problem, but beyond the message being generated by BitDefender, nothing tells how to get in touch with them - which is you, but it doesn't say this, of course. Why don't you change this part, and make it easier for people to figure out this is AdAware, and not BitDefender? Why do you use code from another antivirus program, can't you make a much better code yourself? I was trying to attach the BitDefender DMP file, but at the moment I'm unable to attach files for some reason. I will attempt again if you request this file.