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  1. You should know how to do that without third party software tools...but it's okay...don't blame yourself. I find Farbar Recovery Scan Tool more malicious than useful(as Virus Total says)...but in fact, main problem with instalation AdAware12 is still unresolved. No matter how you try, it may be better to write to the creators of the program to make a completely new installer. Mine eleven still doing well but I'm afraid I'll have to switch to another product if they dont solve the problem with twelve.
  2. Lol...sorry but FRST and other crapware will not solve your incompetence to resolve current situation. You guys really dont know what are you doing,right? What a shame
  3. this is ridiculous...but let me know if you resolve issues with your update and twelve finally work well
  4. Lol, what graphic drivers have with the installation process ? Okay, some people may have problem with screen, but it should not be associated with an installer! Do you ppl use DX API? Switch to the OGL (at least 1.0) ... any windows have it! But, after all, the main problems remain unsolved. If nothing else, allow users the option to install the old AA11, until the problem is solved in the new installer. My Ad-Aware Version 11.15.1046.10613 work like a charm ! Personally, I will not switch to a new product and I already know how bypass popup for a new installation
  5. Just like the old standalone installer: http://www.lavasoft.com/mylavasoft/support/supportcenter/standalone-installer ..or whole product: http://www.lavasoft.com/mylavasoft/index.php?q=support/supportcenter/ad-aware-standalone-installer Can You do that with 12? And make installer simple...don't complicate...it is not funny anymore Best wishes!
  6. Hi Same problem here, but I will not install any Microsoft updates, especially not KB 3033929! Why are you complicating your installer? Edit it as it was in version 11 because I will not switch to the new version until you fix all bugs, sorry. Undoubtedly the "Twelve" is a good product but would you offer him in ofline version for advanced users who themselves set the rest
  7. ..and also would be nice have "Update Now" on right click on icon in task bar, because sometimes automatic update not work in some circumstances.
  8. Eleven is quite ok product, but require small acceleration of displaying notifications. Everything else is perfect! I'm happy with this one...keep up with good work!