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  1. thank you for your helping, we also have checked two files and there is problem of 'ietabdriver.exe' only, so it might not need to check about 'whale. exe' again i really appreciate your help and if there is any other problems about this, i'll contact again thank you sincerely jee soo lee Naver corporation.
  2. we have compared MD5 of those two files with ours, and they are the same. but could you mind checking the error again using the file i attached(named : this file is the combined file with those two file (usually, users use this file so, i think using this is more accurate) and which window's version did you test in ? we have tested on the window 7(64bit), so i ask you to test on win 7(64bit). and please check your UAC setting (the screen shot of our UAC setting is attached, please refer to this) this is link of the file and screen shot, i really appreciate your help. sincerely jee soo lee Naver corporaion.
  3. thank you for your answer after your reply, i've checked this again, but still be detected i attached the link of the screenshot could you mind checking this problem again? regards. jee soo lee Naver corporation
  4. My name is jee soo Lee in NAVER corporation, South Korea. I'm writing this report for asking you modifying the error, that lavasoft vaccine program recognize our program 'whale' as a malicious code. 'Whale' is the PC based new web browser we have the plan for releasing ( ) (related article : during testing compatibility between your vaccine program and our browser, we have found that your vaccine program recognizes our program as a malicious code, therefore restrict installation. many users complained about this problem specific situation is like these 1. sometimes, your vaccine program recognize 'whale.exe' as a malicious code 2. sometimes, your vaccine program recognize 'IETabDriver.exe' as a malicious code this is the corresponding link for the report i also attach our file below (password : infected) could you mind correcting these errors? and uploading our program whitelist of your program? i appreciate your help and i look forward to your reply. Thank you. whale (2).zip